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What Our Clients Have To Say…

“As an employer, I enjoy working with ECIS. They are professional, organized and cost-effective. As an employee, I enjoy the delivery of the First Aid and CPR training.”
Brenda Maggs
Manager of Corporate Administration
City of Niagara Falls

“I learned more in this course over other courses that I have taken to learn first aid and CPR. Great examples and real life situations.”
Food Products Industry

“I have taken the course several times over the past 20 years and always left with a feeling that my time had been well spent. I found the instructors to be interesting, well qualified and knowledgeable in their field. I also enjoyed the fact that student participation was a big part of the training and the instructors ensured that every person received positive comments on their progress.”
Don Masson
Distribution Supervisor
Oakville Hydro.

Thought I’d take a minute to tell you that you have a great instructor in Ian. A. One of my colleagues just did a 2 day class with (one of the national providers), and complained about it being “SO Boring!”. Over several years, I’ve done first aid with (the national providers), and with your company, and I’d have to agree I’ve endured some poorly taught, boring classes.

With his field experience, Ian kept the class lively and interesting while covering a huge amount of material. As the sole office worker in the class, and a part time teacher at the Burlington Art Centre, I was in a definite minority – the others were all factory and farm workers. Ian kept the class engaged with examples of when a particular injury might be incurred in their work areas, and with examples of accidents in public places. None of us will forget what a flail chest is with his example of the cop who was T-boned in his cruiser, and had ribs broken by the night stick at his side Thanks for a great class!
J. N. Burlington